Community Television for Williamstown

WilliNet brings back: "A Burning Fire: James MacGregor Burns in conversation with Edward Burger" playing on Channel 17 throughout August. Sundays- 9 am; 3 pm; 6 pm Mondays- 11:00 am Wed- 7:00 pm Thursdays- 9 am & 4 pm This documentary was produced by N.Adams photographer/filmmaker Deborah Schneer. Presidential historian and pioneer in the study of leadership, Burns' inspiring definition: "The function of leadership is to engage followers, not merely to activate them, to commingle needs and aspirations and goals in a common enterprise, and in the process to make better citizens of both leaders and followers."

WilliNet offers FREE camera and equipment loan, FREE video production training, FREE studio time for local citizens and non-profits to produce programs for the community on channel 16 & 17.

Come visit our Spring St. studio! Volunteers welcome!