An Open Letter from the Boards of Health of Berkshire County & Berkshire Medical Systems: STAY AT HOME (3.23.20)

“Our ROLE IS TO STAY HOME.” Click here to read the OPEN LETTER: Stay Home Letter (1)

The letter below is from our local pediatricians, Town Managers, Town Administrators, and Town Health Inspectors, and Mt. Greylock Regional School District.

March 24, 2020

Dear Northern Berkshire County Families,

In partnership with our pediatricians, Town Managers, Town Administrators, and Town Health Inspectors, Mount Greylock Regional School District implores students, families and our wider community to combat the spread of the Coronavirus 2019 Disease (“COVID-19”) by practicing “social distancing” most effectively by STAYING HOME.

COVID-19 presents an unprecedented health crisis and public health emergency. The virus is easily transmitted, and it has the demonstrated ability to infect substantial sections of the community. While the elderly and people with compromised immune systems are at greatest risk, all people, young and old, can contract, carry and transmit this virus. By interacting and socializing with others, we put people at risk for infection. Regardless of whether we feel ill or well, we have the potential to spread the virus by interacting. There is a single response. STAY HOME.

Other countries already grappling with the spread of the virus have seen their health care systems overwhelmed by ill patients. Without the capacity to care for such large numbers, these health care systems have watched thousands of patients die. And now the rampant spread of this virus threatens to overwhelm our community’s health care system if we, as a community, do not act proactively and responsibly by distancing ourselves from each other and STAYING HOME.

The letter shared below from County Boards of Health, Berkshire Health Systems and the our largest Berkshire County cities articulates succinctly the threat COVID-19 presents to our community, its health services and health care workers fighting this virus and caring for the ill. This is our critical health problem, and it is our responsibility to act to eliminate it.


Superintendent Kimberley Grady and The Mount Greylock Regional School District Administrative Team Town Managers Jason Hoch and Kelli Robbins

Stay Home Letter (1)