Norman Rockwell Museum – Freedom From Want, Food and Culture

Food is fundamental to personal, family, community, national and global health. Food is love. Food is culture. Every human is in relationship with food. Cookbook author Alana Chernila and NYU Nutrition and Food Studies professor Amy Bentley have each, in their own way, committed to the study and celebration of food and culture. In their work, in different ways, each invites us to think about the decisions made and comfort created from our own kitchens through paving the way for planetary wellness. And then there is joy. How can intention and care for our food relationships bring joy? Join us for a wide ranging conversation which will leave you with a renewed curiosity to enjoy and celebrate food while also bringing intention and awareness to the choices made each day and how they impact the larger food system. Illustrator Whitney Sherman has made art for social good and humanistic causes throughout her career and will share how she sees visual imagery creating and shaping our attitudes toward food, health, and the environment.

Norman Rockwell Museum
Norman Rockwell Museum
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