Norman Rockwell Museum – Virtual Family Program, Freedom’s Legacy

The Norman Rockwell Museum honors Martin Luther King Day with a read aloud and conversation about the book Ruby Head High: Ruby Bridges’s First Day of School by Irene Cohen-Janca and illustrated by Marc Daniou. Based on the true story of Ruby Bridges, the first African American student to attend an all-white school in the segregated South, the story is also the subject of Norman Rockwell’s painting The Problem We All Live With which hung outside President Barack Obama’s Oval Office and is currently on view at the Museum. High school student, actress and singer Keely Rose O’Gorman will read. Following the reading, artist Bria Goeller joins in conversation about The Problem We All Live With, her meme based on the painting which celebrates Kamala Harris’s groundbreaking Vice President elect status, and the role of imagery in shaping cultural narratives.

Norman Rockwell Museum
Norman Rockwell Museum
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