WCFM The Sawyer Sessions – GMT

WCFM Williamstown is an FCC-licensed frequency-modulating station broadcasting on 91.9 MHz from the basement of Prospect House. Williams College radio has been around since 1941. It is the student-run voice of Williams College. WCFM programming is entirely free-form: DJs have complete control over their shows. They broadcast a beautiful mix of music, talk, and miscellaneous fun. May 2, 2019 | “Everyone has a story” is George Taylor’s (AKA GMT) SoundCloud biography, and today, he’s here to tell us his. Through a flow reminiscent of a Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip and backed by the jazzy undertones of Jackson Corrigan’s keyboard comping, GMT uses his verse to tell his story thus far, from paying off his tuition to reconciling his upbringing and his identity. His set includes tracks from his 2019 album Soul Intention and a freestyle, all of which will have you “feelin’ like a kid again when he gets on the mic and shit.” Composed and cool, he laughs through the set but submerges himself in verses that bounce between intimacy and informality. For more, check out his SoundCloud below.

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WCFM The Sawyer Sessions
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