Window on Williams – Dwelling of the Gallant 2016 Women of Williams

June 2015 marked the 40th anniversary of the graduation of the first fully coed class of Williams College. We take this time to acknowledge the women in the class of 1976, the women who came before them as transfer students and partners, as well as the faculty and staff who supported them. This is also the time for the college to recognize and celebrate the over 13,000 Williams Alumnae (including the class of 2016) who have and continue to have an impact on Williams and the world. Join us for a short ceremony of celebration that includes four Eph women, one per decade, telling their stories as a Woman of Williams: Beth Stoddard '61, Caron Martinez '81, Purva Bedi '96, and Kylie Huckleberry '11.

Jim Kolesar / Williams College Office of Public Affairs and Media Services
Window on Williams
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