B’shire NAACP: Invest In Pittsfield – Pittsfield Police Department Budget Transparency

B’shire NAACP invites the public to participate/watch at 7pm, Mon, 6/15 the Pittsfield City Council budget Hearing: “As residents and stakeholders in the City of Pittsfield, we want the funding and tools to invest in a just, healthy, and safe future for Pittsfield.  We need to justly, ethically and responsibly invest our city budget in programs that promote health, encourage prosperity, and prevent violence.”

To participate in public comment portion of the Mon, 6/15 Pittsfield City Council budget hearing:
  1. The meeting begins at 7:00pm. Public comment is first on the agenda followed by a discussion of the police budget.

  2. Call 312-626-6799 or go onto Zoom by clicking here.

  3. Enter the meeting ID 939-855-556-76, followed by #.

  4. Press # again.

  5. When Council President Marchetti says the last four digits of your phone number, he will say you are unmuted and you will have to press *6 before you begin talking.

  6. You will introduce yourself by saying your name and your address and then make your comment. When you are done, thank the councilors for their time and hang up or wait to be muted by the Council President if you plan to stay on and listen.

  7. Public Comment is not a back and forth. You make your comment (which may include questions) and then the Councilors during the discussion of the budget may reference your comment or answer your questions.

    1. You can also provide your comment in writing to your city councilors if you have more to say than time allows.

  8. You do not have to do anything else after making your comment.

    If you do not wish to make a public comment but want to watch the City Council budget hearing:
    1. Live stream online using this link.