Musical Showcase – Bearthoven ‘Decision Fatigue’

Decision Fatigue, for Piano, Bass, Drum Kit, and Electronics. Written by Hunter Hanson for Bearthoven during their 2019 NYU Residency. Recorded live May 9th, 2019 at Scholes St Studio, Brooklyn, NY Piano - Karl Larson Bass - Pat Swoboda Drums - Matt Evans "Decision Fatigue incorporates a rhythmic structure comprising a random selection of notes locked to a 16th-note grid. I gave up control (aka removed myself from the decision making process) over the initial rhythmic composition to a patch I made in Max/MSP and forced myself to work with the material that the computer spat out. In doing so, I arrived at an interesting "groove" that isn't really a "groove," but it still seems to "groove" doesn't it? The electronics part of this piece incorporates samples I made of the band pre-composition." - Hunter Hanson

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