Musical Showcase – Eamonn Barry ‘I’m Not Going Back’

Eamonn Barry has been making noise since his childhood when he banged on the pots and pans with wooden spoons. He’s played the drums in several rock bands since high school including Mari Mojo and Wes Buckley & the Chums. Wes Buckley & the Chums did some touring of the northeast in the u.s. until the band disbanded for the time being. This songwriting iteration of Eamonn’s career began when he watched “Walk the Line” and started to write folk/country songs on acoustic guitars. Since 2008, Eamonn’s recorded four demos including one ep on a 4 track cassette recorder and the most recent demo on an iPhone. another lo-fi EP: “hysterical” and an LP: “where the lights on there’s no such thing” are available on Bandcamp. The most recent demo is on Soundcloud.

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