Musical Showcase – Emma Ayres ‘Encyclopedia of the Broken-Hearted’

Emma Ayres is an Azorean-American singer-songwriter. She calls what she writes: folk journalism. Like a magpie atop a shimmering nest of 27 years of stories, the cinematic reel of Americana inspired sounds leads the listener through an archive of familial memory, the high lonesome rasp of loves lost and won, and an unshakable political ethos. Like a dog howling at something you can't see but makes you bristle regardless, her music makes you stop… and listen. Ayres’s passion for storytelling steers the helm of the song—she is releasing the much-awaited EP “Encyclopedia of the Broken-Hearted” on December 31, 2019, recorded at Echo Base Studios and Produced by Nate Mondschein. She is currently working on a folk-opera about the socio-political history of the flooding of the Quabbin Valley titled: “The Water Project,” which will be performed in Spring of 2020. Emma Ayres plays and sings in Western-Mass based projects EMMA JUNE BAND and OLD FLAME. Ayres’s voice has been compared to Lucinda Williams with the fire of Ani DiFranco and her lyrics call upon her passion for metaphor and mythology.

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