Musical Showcase – Kimaya Diggs ‘If You Love Me’

Kimaya Diggs has mastered a genre-defying style. Inspired by the acrobatic folk renderings of Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald’s jazz stylings, and Lianna LaHavas’ soulful charisma, she draws skillfully from her lineage of musical pioneers, creating a musical lane all her own, backed by multi-instrumentalist Jacob Rosazza. With a playful presence and frank, transporting storytelling, Diggs’ mastery of her voice is the focal point of each performance, and a transfixing experience. Kimaya’s debut album, “Breastfed” (2018), is a bittersweet chronicle of growth toward the light. Recklessly urgent, irreverent and defiant in the face of the past, “Breastfed” boldly wrangles the pain and glory of a growing-up narrative, claiming its narrative with spirit and dark humor. The single “How Am I Sposta Know” made the top 10 in tastemaker radio station 93.9 The River’s Best New Songs of 2018. As a teaching artist and collaborator, Kimaya has captivated audiences around the world with her sister trio, the Diggs Sisters, and Northern Harmony, performing 21 international folk styles in 27 different languages. Kimaya has written soundtracks, libretti, and themes for several plays, operas, and podcasts.

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