Gov. Baker COVID-19 Update (5.1.20): MA residents must wear masks starting May 6, 2020.

WATCH MA Gov. Baker COVID-19 update (5.1.20) signed order today requiring MA residents to wear face masks in public when they cannot socially distance.
Order to take effect Wed, May 6.  Total MA deaths 3,562; 1,940 new cases; total cases over 62,000.
This week, Baker extended closures to May 18. Contact tracing under way with Partners in Health. Baker: “Please take the call from area codes “833” or “857” or caller id: MA Covid Team.”
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Watch  MA Gov. Baker announcement (4.21.20) to extend closure of all public & private schools through the end of the school year, and the closure of all non-emergency child care programs until June 29, 2020. The governor and Education Commissioner Jeff Riley stressed that Tuesday’s order does not immediately end the school year. Districts still will be asked to offer remote learning to all students, and many end-of-year activities, such as graduations, likely will be canceled or shifted online.

Extending closures through the year “gives us additional time” to draft plans for reopening buildings, Riley said, a process that likely will result in different school experiences once students do return.

Officials acknowledged the challenge of educating students from a distance, particularly because some households do not have access to a computer or to high-speed internet needed for classroom videoconferences.

The state will issue guidance this week about how to achieve education goals amid the circumstances.

Gov. Baker COVID-19 Update (4.17.20): Addresses Homelessness, Supporting Foster Families, Childcare:

Watch MA Gov. Baker outline state’s comprehensive strategy to address homelessness during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Administration also announced additional support for foster families and a new emergency order authorizing the creation of emergency childcare sites. (4.17.20)

Contact Tracing Program underway-Gov. Baker: “Take the call from area codes “833” or “857” or caller id: MA Covid Team

MA citizens are being called in effort to gather data needed to control & contain COVID-19.  MA contact tracing under way with Partners in Health. Baker: “Please take the call from area codes “833” or “857” or caller id: MA Covid Team.”

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Watch MA Gov. Baker on CBS “Face the Nation” (4.19.20) explain the new CONTACT TRACING PROGRAM in collaboration with Partners In Health to gather data needed to “contain & control the virus.” Baker says more facts about COVID-19 needed before state can begin to lift restrictions. Gov. Baker appeared on Sun 4.19 CBS “Face the Nation”….

Small Biz Grants ($5000) available from US Chamber of Commerce. Short online Application goes live 12pm, Mon, April 20.

W’town Chamber of Commerce shares info to qualifying small businesses to apply for $5,000 grants from the Save Small Business Fund, an initiative of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Funded by corporate and philanthropic partners, the Save Small Business Fund is a collective effort to provide $5,000 grants to small employers.

– Employ between 3 and 20 people
– Be located in a economically vulnerable community (Williamstown qualifies)
– Have been harmed financially by the COVID-19 pandemic

short application will go live on April 20, 2020 at 12:00 pm

– The application is short.  It will take about 10 minutes to complete.
– All you need is your business’s W-9 form.
– Grants will be award on a weekly basis, but you only need to apply one time to be eligible for funding.

Learn More

Window on the Weekend hosts Antonello & Jane ask for your Quarantine Confessions!

Send your quarantine confessions anonymously to: or not so privately via email to:  They will share them on next week’s show.  The W’town Chamber of Commerce is offering a series of April webinars w/ motivational speaker Jerry Posner.

Facebook-LIVE concert tonight 6pm Fri, April 7 to benefit COVID-19 Relief at Southwestern Vermont Health Care (SVHC.)

Live Local Music Concert  via Facebook-live on CAT-TV Bennington Facebook page. The lineup includes Tucker Beaudoin, Pam and Mike Gahan, GVH (Greg Van Houten), Charlie Rossiter, Jennifer Torrance. TONIGHT! at 6 p.m. Friday, April 17