Milne Library offers kid program: “Read to a Dog” on Fri, Jan. 7, 3:30-4:30pm

Can you read to Nellie? She would really like it if you could! Practice your reading skills with a Canine Good Citizen who really loves hearing stories. Reading out loud is a skill that develops over time, with practice. Some people find it very uncomfortable or even frightening to stand in front of a room full of their peers and read even one page of a book. So how do you practice?

Nellie is a Golden Retriever who has been certified by the AKC Canine Good Citizen program.  She would love to have someone read to her! Sign up for an appointment, she’ll be here on Fridays from 3:30 – 4:30 pm.  Go to: Milne Library

Clark Art Museum offers FREE admission during the month of January!

From Olivier Meslay, Clark Director:  We hope you’ll visit our galleries and bring your friends and family to share in the beauty that surrounds us here. On behalf of everyone at the Clark, we send you our very warmest wishes for peace, joy, health, and happiness ahead.

“You are not Alone”: Energy & the Afterlife – Milne Library offers virtual talk 6:00pm, Tues, Jan. 25

Thanatologist Sydney Sherman, author of  You Are Not Alone: Our Loved Ones Are Here…You’re Just Not Listening will share her life experiences & why and what we believe about the afterlife.  Her book draws distinctions between myths and the paranormal and recounts numerous experiences with energies. With step- by -step advice, Sherman encourages people to think about the potential this information holds for all of us.  Sydney hopes readers will come to the same understanding —they are not gone; they are still very much here with us….we just need to start listening.

for more info and to sign up for Zoom: click here

Bux Vintage on Spring St. will open Sat, 11-4pm, Dec 18 & Sun, 11-3pm, Dec 19 for final two days.

Final a treasure or the perfect gift at Paula Buxbaum’s wonderful vintage, second-hand shop is open Saturday and Sunday before closing for good.

W’town to distribute free COVID-19 Self-Test Kits to Individuals & Families who face financial hardship.

Free Over-the-Counter (OTC) at-home rapid antigen tests kits for eligible persons – those facing FINANCIAL HARDSHIP- can receive kits at The Harper Center (senior citizens); Wtown Housing Authority (housing assistance recipients); W’town Town Hall (all others eligible).  These approximately 300 free tests are provided by the state of Massachusetts.