Milne Public Library OPEN TO PUBLIC!! (some restrictions apply)

Library Doors reopen to patrons 10am-4pm MON, TUE & THU, FRI. On WED 12-6pm! Saturdays 11am- 2pm.  Masks required, for restrictions go to Milne Library website

SculptureNow 2021 at The Mount, Lenox: Meet the Artists on Sat, June 20, 2-5pm

The sculptors will talk about the inspiration & process of their large-scale sculptures at Edith Wharton’s Estate, 2 Plunkett St., Lenox.


NAACP Berkshires Juneteenth Rally: 12pm Sat, 6.19 at Park Square, Pittsfield

Come & celebrate freedom & honor the legacy of this day & the end of slavery in the United States. Hear from President Dennis Powell & watch this year’s Freedom Fund stipends be awarded to Berkshire graduates.

Celebrate Freedom!
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The NAACP, Berkshire County Branch is hosting a Juneteenth Rally this year on Saturday, June 19 at 12 PM at Park Square in Pittsfield. Come and celebrate freedom and honor the legacy of this day and the end of slavery in the United States. Hear from President Powell and others and watch this year’s Freedom Fund stipends be awarded to Berkshire graduates.

Facebook Event

Accessibility information listed in the Facebook event.

President Powell: For Us, By Us

Black-eyed peas. Red velvet cake. Strawberry soda. If you’re still following, then you already know what I’m talking about. That is to say — you understand without translation; there is no need for me to code switch. And that is very much the point.

In 2021, the Black vernacular has gone mainstream — corporate, even. “Bling bling” was in a Barbie commercial; “On fleek” is in the dictionary; Tiktok has all your kids saying “sheeeeeee.” Yet, value is placed on culture derived from the Black experience — not the people themselves. White privilege “rediscovers” what Blackness has already created, and is celebrated for translating Black joy — for performing Blackness. This is not new. This is a long standing tradition of white voyeurism into Black culture.

Still, until very recently, celebrating actual Blackness wasn’t seen as profitable — not in a way where corporations like Nike and Google took public stands (albeit in exchange for proximity to Blackness ergo social currency). But as this trend shifts, and more and more predominately white institutions recognize the value of being non-Black while still being proximate to Blackness, assimilation threatens to further corrupt Black joy by satirizing Black culture.

Let me be clear: white-led organizations will never lead Black folk to liberation. Allyship begins at the bank. But Black spaces must be negotiated by Black folk. Any attempt to the contrary can only be interpreted as a ploy to garner social currency… Separating the two has allowed Blackness to be repackaged, as say Elvis or Miley Cyrus, before it is assimilated into American culture and monetized.

…which brings us back to black-eyed peas, red velvet cake, and strawberry soda. Now, if you weren’t already aware, those words joined together are as Black as jumping over the broom. And the holiday with which they are associated is, in the vernacular: for us, by us.

Happy Juneteenth,

Dennis L. Powell

Cheer on Mt. Greylock Graduating Seniors Sat, June 12 approx. 12:30pm as they CAR PARADE

Wave, cheer, celebrate the car caravan on rt. 7/Main St. to Spring St. out Route 43 to Waubeeka.  CONGRATULATIONS Mt. Greylock Class of 2021!!

W’town Annual Town Meeting POSTPONED to 6:00pm, WED, JUNE 9 due to weather.

Town Moderator Adam Filson made the decision at 8:40am today/Monday:  “The chances of rain showers and thunderstorms tomorrow from 6 PM to 10 PM ranges from 40%-62%, with rain forecast as being likely. Wednesday’s rain probability drops to 10-15% on Wednesday for the same time, with the likelihood being a chance. Therefore, I’ve decided to call for a postponement of tomorrow’s outdoor annual town meeting to Wednesday, June 9 at 6:00 PM at Williams College’s Farley-Lamb Field, Latham Street, Williamstown.”
Watch the Annual Town Meeting live on WilliNet TV ch 1303 or streaming live on